ZK 576 EN GYN-PiranaCutForcep

3 RUDOLF Medical ZK 576 EN_Rev. 11.2016 Piraña Cut - One instrument three functions Gynaecology Multifunctional laparoscopic instrument Piraña Cut, 1:2 teeth, double action, Ø 5 mm Insert, only Length Ordering no. RS000-595 330 mm RS115-595 RS135-595 RS225-595 RS000-795 450 mm RS117-795 RS137-795 RS227-795 RS110-000 RS130-000 RS220-000 A complete SCREW-IN Instrument consisting of: - Handle, Tube, Insert 5 mm Scissors Sharp scissors for the final cut after the suturing procedure. Recommended suture material: monfil suture 0-2/0 polyfil suture 0-2/0 absorbable . Needle Holder The fine structure of the jaw functions as a second needle holder thus assisting in the taking/handing over of the needle from/to the laparoscopic needle holder. Special Coating The black coating of the insert allows for a longer lifetime of the scissors blades and causes less reflexion. Forceps Teeth 1:2 enable a tight grip of the tissue prior to suturing. Due to its several functions the Piraña Cut reduces the necessity of instrument exchanges during an operation and thus helps minimize the loss of CO 2 .